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Er... Everything I upload appears in here? Not much to say


Pieces that make me go look for that huge yellow button
Hello everyone! Wow, I sure have been dead here for a while, I can even see the cobwebs building up :XD:.

OK, so just in case it hadn't been obvious by now I've been inactive here for the last month or so. It wasn't the intention, but well, man, summer school ended up being quite time-demanding, more than I expected :shakefist:.

However, its over now, I'm done! Even so, can't promise I'll be more active here for one reason: I'm off to New York (I'm literally typing this from an airport) :icondragonwant:.

Its not like I'm going to be completely silent (I need to check that inbox! Getting near the 400 mark again), but then again, I'm on vacation, not sure I'll get any writing/coloring/spriting/Anything done at all (Can't promise the opposite either though) :D.

I'll be back in two weeks, don't miss me :XD:.

On other news, this is how I'm looking at Deviantart right now.

All hail the GameBoy Monochrome's Might!

Yes, up to lately I've been into retro-simulation stuff, you can blame Kill La Kill's LCD screens if you may (Those who have watched it will get it). It took me some time, research of niche programs and some fiddling around to do it but watching color movies and videos in GB Greenscale is a nerdy but oddly satisfying experience (And can't even say its for nostalgia factor since I was from the GBA era). I even have a program to make Midi files sound like NES/GB music. I even have the files for a skin for my 3DS to make it look like an old GB. Why? Because why not! :D

Not much more to say really, only that I'm (Not quite) back! Oh, and I probably went a bit into hipster territory ("Vintage stuff man") :XD:.
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  • Reading: Fanfiction (Catching up)
  • Watching: The Legend Of Korra
  • Playing: Monster Hunter 3
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For icon request's information please go in here:…
Lot's of people ask me for the animated sprites avatars I do. They're free and the requests are always open, but before you go asking for one please make sure to read this first.

You can find me here most of the time I'm online (You'll get to know me better if you chat with me anyway XD):…

What can I say about me? I'm just some sort of complicated introverted person that could hardly even be considered"Normal." I swear it's not on purpose though, it's just the way I live

I write enough stories to consider myself a writer and I can say is one of my passions. I'm not a serious writer though, considering all of my stuff is only fanfiction since even when I have made my own characters I'm using a ready-made cannon. Said that, most of my works are about Pokemon, specially :icontamarinfrog: Pokemon series "Random Doom" to which I have a strange addiction (Don't question me! That thing is amazing, go and see for yourself). In fact I have even translated her comic, the links are below.

I also do a small share Flash animation, digital editing (Considering I can't draw to save my life) and Sprite animation such as my avatar. I'm always open for small animated avatar requests so don't hesitate to ask, even though I'm slow XD

My other main passion is music. It's hard to show on Deviantart but I play guitar, bass, drums, violin, flute and keyboards. I'm afraid I can't say I'm better than "decent" on most of them save for guitar and keyboards, in which I can consider myself at least "average." You may find a link to any cover I make and if you ever need assistance on any project feel free to contact me.

Just like most people in this site I love videogames (Pokemon is the most obvious by now though), most Anime series, comics, cartoons and books. You may call me a geeky, nerd, freak or whatever you wanna call me; after all that's me, and I rather be that than a fake, empty, flaw person (That sounded a bit aggressive, oh well).

I guess that would pretty much sum up who I am and what I do. Feel free to say hi, I won't bite.


3DS Friend Code:

Pokemon Soul Silver Friend Code:
0647 5511 9674


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Random Doom Spanish Translation
Chapter 1/Capitulo 1…
Chapter 2/Capitulo 2…
Chapter 3/Capitulo 3…
Forum Page:…

Don't Say Lazy (Keyboard)…
Don't Say Lazy (Keyboard Tutorial):…

Current Residence: Mexicali
Favourite genre of music: Rock and any of its subgenres
Favourite style of art: Music, Love stories
Operating System: Windows, Linux
MP3 player of choice: Insignia Music Player (RIP)
Shell of choice: Is this even legal?
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever is on the wall?
Skin of choice: RACISTS!
Favourite cartoon character: Road Runner (Bugs Bunny), Mokona!,Mio (K-on!), Yuki (Haruhi Suzumiya), Ross (Pokemon Random Doom)
Personal Quote: "One chooses to make a difference."

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Mittenpaw Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

Do you still do those Pokèmon animated icon... things for free?

If so, could I haz one of these gals shakin' dey booties in the air?
(But w/ their heads facing the front and they're backsides, well, behind them. Yknow. :meow:)

Gal 1:…
Gal 2:…

If you can, take all the time you need, I'm not in a hurry for pretty much anything these days.

If you can't, I don't mind one bit.

Thank chuu!!! :heart: :heart:
pokediginut Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Student Writer
Dude I had no idea about gaming in Latin America till I saw this, quite fascinating actually…
Axel230 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, the prices are higher here but I get my stuff in the USA so HA!

LOL! The "Mande" part is so off (I mean, technically its the formal way in Mexico, but no one ever uses it).

Personally, I never see any of that censorship since I don't get Spanish versions of the games, I'd rather have the English ones (Subs and dubs suck most of the time, the exception being "Gears Of War" since most of the voice actors did the Latin Spanish dub of DBZ too (Which has critical acclaim even by the Japanese, not even them could match our dub's powerful screams!)).

But yeah, the language varies a lot.
pokediginut Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Student Writer
Haha smart man.

So what Mande means dick or something?

I find it fascinating how games get dubbed in different languages and which ones don't. And u KNOW Gears got dubbed, I mean shit most of the cast looks Latino I mean Dominique, Maria, even the architecture looks like its from Barcelona XD
Axel230 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No, "Mande" is just a formal way to reply "What?" when you asked. However, nowadays it's only used in really formal situations and no one actually finds it rude if you reply "Que?" isntead (I mean, some years back it sort of was, but I guess language evolves over time).

Well, they looked Latin but they still spoke English so a dub was still necessary.
(1 Reply)
fireheart126 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
Good Evening. Hey if you've been reading, how do you like the latest chapters in the Nuzlocke story?
fireheart126 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
Hello, I recently started an Emerald Nuzlocke. If you want to check it out. I've posted stuff about it in my journal and in my gallery.
Axel230 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well, why not? :D.
fireheart126 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
Oh yeah, what are your thoughts on the second chapter?
Axel230 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Haven't read it.
(1 Reply)
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