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Hello everyone! I'm back from New York!

What can I say about that? Lots of things to see, really nice place, crowded as heck, overwhelming with advertisements... Oh wait, those last two were the bad :XD:.

Being honest, it's a cool city but a city nonetheless, you get used to it over time. The real treat was spending some time with my aunt and what was outside the city: Trees, trees everywhere, everything was green.

I may sound like one of those eco-nuts (I'm not) but well... I dunno, they've always been one of those things that really get my mind going. And I don't mean the pretty, peaceful, romanticized version, I mean the real thing where everything is out to get you. I get this feeling of might, hostility, danger, but at the same time beauty and balance (<-The heck I've been smoking?).

Anyway, best thing over there? Finally got to hang out with :iconpokediginut: IRL not only once but TWICE. Man, we were both short on cash on one of the most expensive cities in the world (Most specifically, THE most expensive part of the city) but well, you don't need money to have fun :D. I even got to know his place and some of his friends. Protip: if you're inviting a stranger you met through the internet to your place, make sure you've known that stranger for a while (Luckily that happened to be the case here, he had already made sure I wasn't some psycho with a knife :XD:).

Always fun to meet a deviant face-to-face, wish more of you guys lived closer (It's going to be a while until I can hang out with this guy again).

And now for some more downer news... I've honestly been back since last Thursday. First thing I had planned to do was writing a Journal about how awesome my trip had been and how I actually had material to submit this time but then I did... Nothing. Seriously, spent the last (Four?) days just idling by, watching TV shows that I didn't even like, watching random Youtube, meme sites...

Sad thing is that could have gone on forever. I've realized that quite a few times so it still amazes me I have to be aware of it: doing nothing leads to more doing nothing. For the regular person that may be OK but well... Not for me.

We are a community of creators: we don't just settle for what's out there, we have that drive, ideas and skills to make something new. Why just consume when you can create?

So, in order to get over that "do nothing" phase I was thinking of doing my DA story like everyone else is doing but... That would end up quite dull (Saw :icontamarinfrog:'s work, joined, found fanfiction, did fanfiction, met people, did sprite icons, did coloring, read more fanfiction, did more fanfiction, became admin of the :iconrandomdoomfanclub:, here I am. See? Bo-ring!) so instead here's a meme that some friends have been doing and decided it was worth a shot.


1. Choose one (five in this case) of your OCs.

2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.

3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".

4. When you're done, tag as many people as you wish.

5. Have fun!!!

Our guests will be:

Lin the Linoone.

Tina the Flygon.

Tyler the Swellow.

Hazel the Shiftry.


1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?

Lin: Hello! My name is Lin, and... I don't think I have a nickname.

Tina: My real name is Tiny, but everyone calls me Tina.

Tyler: I'm Tyler, short enough so no nickname.

Hazel: My name is Hazel and everyone reffers to me as that.

2. Interesting... what's your current age?

Lin: I'm about 4 years old!

Tina: 3 years! Well, I'm guessing, I used to live on a desert and I only kept track of night and day, not so much years.

Tyler: 5 years

Hazel: I think the question is referring to age relative to human years so I my answer is 22.

Lin: Wait! That's what they were asking?! Umm... I'm... 17? 18?

Tyler: That would make me around 24.

Tina: How am I supposed to know what my age is in human years?!

3. Uh-huh. What's your favorite food? 

Lin: Berries! Any berry will do except the bitter ones... and the spicy ones... oh, and the ones too sour... and the ones that are too dry... and..

Tina: I like Cacnea, but I haven't had any since I evolved into a Vibrava.

Tyler: I'll eat anything, but if you have Wurmple I'll take it.

Hazel: I don't need to eat, just need water. That said, even when I do I don't preffer any food to another.

4. And your favorite drink? 

Lin: Berry Juice?

Tina: I like Fresh Water. It tastes like nothing, but it's fresh!

Tyler: Lemonade or Soda Pop, love both.

Hazel: Once again, just water.

5. Confession time! Who's your crush/lover? 

Lin: My Umbreon boyfriend, Ghost. He's really sweet, you wouldn't tell at first glance how much.

Tina: Lots of friends but not really. That's kinda weird when I think about it.

Tyler: I'm a free bird, wouldn't be fair to hold one female over another.

Hazel: Lover? I... I don't hold any love interests for anyone...

6. Aww! Have you kissed yet? 

Lin: Of course!

Tina: Can't kiss someone who isn't there.

Tyler: Make a wild guess.

Hazel: No we haven't! Again, just to make it clear, I'm not interested in anyone from my team.

7. Classic question! What's your favorite color? 

Lin: Hmm... Purple?

Tina: I like green! And red! And blue! And Purple! Ooh, there's also this color between green and blue that's like both combined, I realy like that one!

Tyler: Blue I guess.

Hazel: I don't have one. Next question please.

8. Who's your favorite author?

Lin: I can't read.

Tina: Favorite what again?

Tyler: I don't read.

Hazel: I'm afraid I don't know how to read.

9. Now what's your biggest fear? 

Lin: Something bad happening to master... Or Ghost... Or any of my teammates.

Tina: Drowning? I like water but still...

Tyler: I once had this dream where someone clipped my wings. Still gives me chills just to think about it.

Tina: Something happening to master without me being able to do anything about it.

10. *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing... *bursts out laughing* Sorry. Any siblings?

Lin: Oh I had four brothers and two sisters and those were just my litter-mates. I miss them sometimes.

Tina: Had plenty of them. Haven't seen them in a while though.

Tyler: You bet, but I was the strongest of them, that's all you need to know.

Hazel: Plenty.

11. Almost done, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?

Lin: Master, he saved my life. Then again Ghost did so too once... And Tyler... And Barrett... But mostly master.

Tina: Umm... No idea.

Tyler: I heard once about this one Pidgeot that flew through a storm. Now that takes balls.

Hazel: No such thing as heroes, though I do look up to Barrett, he's a great fighter.

12. Okay, who's your worst enemy? 

Lin: I don't like thinking of anyone as an enemy but... I guess anyone who tried to do anything bad to master or my teammates.

Tina: Anyone who would mess with Axel or my friends.

Tyler: Wingullls, hate those guys. Oh wait no, Pelippers, yeah, they're even worse.

Hazel: Anyone I'm fighting.

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together? 

Lin: Wish they had made peace with each other and were up to something good?

Tina: Respect his decision but keep my distance.

Tyler: Damn. Well, guess I would have to learn to tolerate a possible teammate.

Hazel: I would have no problem as long as I'm not fighting them anymore.

14. Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator? 

Lin: I would probably be too amazed to even do anything.

Tina: Creator? You mean my parents? I already did.

Tyler: I guess I would thank him for everything I have.

Hazel: I don't have an answer for that.

15. Okay, I'll contact them right now. Done! Now, what do you want to be when you grow up? 

Lin: A good and loving mother.

Tina: When I grow up? Hadn't think of that. Well, keep living?

Tyler: I want to be the fastest flyer ever.

Hazel: A better an wiser fighter.

16. What's your worst nightmare? 

Lin: Losing master, Ghost or any of my friends.

Tina: Losing any of my friends.

Tyler: Losing my wings.

Hazel: Losing master or any of my teammates knowing that I could have done something to avoid it.

17.What's your life-long dream? 

Lin: Being a good mother and raising many litters along with Ghost.

Tina: I always dreamed of flying.

Tyler: Being the fastest flyer and reaching new heights.

Hazel: It's childish and honestly impossible to achieve but... Being the greatest fighter.

18.What would you do if your life-long dream came true? 

Lin: I would be bursting with joy.

Tina: It already did so I just fly.

Tyler: Enjoy that speed of course.

Hazel: I would feel acomplished but keep on training, you can always get better.

19. Okay, where's your favorite place to relax? 

Lin: Right next to ghost or on master's lap.

Tina: Undergound.

Tyler: Up high in the sky.

Hazel: A calm and quiet place to meditate in the middle of the woods.

20. Last question! Where do you spend most of your time?

Lin: Near master.

Tina: Flying with Tyler.

Tyler: The sky, trying to beat my own speed record.

Hazel: In the open field, training with Barrett.

Wow, that took more than I expected (And some of those answers even felt a bit forced) but well, this gets me back on track :la:.

TL;DR version: The Axel is back! Oh and had a great time in NY with :iconpokediginut: :D.
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Axel - Smash by Axel230
Axel - Smash
And since I had already done my RL self, why not my obligatory self-insert character? :D

Axel would be a Pokemon Trainer clone but with SIX Pokemon, and each of them would have a separate set of stocks (Lives) :la:. Oh and the Final Smash would be GodModing where I suddenly gain control over every legendary AT ONCE! It would be incredibly OP!!! :dummy:.

So yeah, yet another excuse to use my template (I'm having my fun with it, though it could use a different font) :XD:.

Elisa/Jenna is so next on the list

Axel belongs to :iconaxel230:
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Alejandro - Smash by Axel230
Alejandro - Smash
And how am I celebrating the release of the new Super Smash Brothers or the 3DS? Not by playing the game (I'm not getting it for a while) but by doing myself as a fake Smash character (Mii Fighter? What's that anyway?) :la:.

On an unrelated note, I just realized I wear red a lot (So much that on most of my pictures I have a red shirt). If I was a cartoon that would be my default outfit :XD:.

Yeah, just another excuse to use my template, nothing important to see here.

Super Smash Brothers belongs to Nintendo.
Axel Woods flipped up the switch and the confirmation light blinked three times before going out. He set up the camouflaged cover to conceal it into the tree, "Jammer #4 is online, how are things going over there?"

After a moment of hearing an assortment of different Pokemon cries over the headset it became clear it hadn't been his brightest idea to hand over headsets to his team. At least now he knew they were working.

"OK... Look, if you managed to set your jammer say something once. If you haven't... Just don't say anything... Does that make sense?"

Silence. He sighed deeply, it wasn't a hard task but maybe handing over the jammers for his Pokemon to set them hadn't been a good idea either.

Though originally communication relays, it was common knowledge how these devices could be easily modified into simple signal jammers; commonly used by criminal groups, but also very obvious.

Axel had gone a step further and added external components to make the jamming signal almost completely untraceable by any satellites or radars though. Once he activated the central one the blackout zone would be completely invisible to anyone.

He had also added an external shielding so they would hold up even if a wild Pokemon spotted it as long as it didn't slashed, bit or burned it. His favorite part was that there was no more fiddling around with the settings: he had already set them up so they only needed to be turned on, the rest of the controls were handled remotely from the master control back at his secret base.

Still, as simple as the directions were this wasn't humans he was working with. He felt wrong to being thinking of them in such a derogatory way but apparently it was the case. They weren't to blame though, he had probably asked for too much.

"Turn!" came the voice of his Lanturn, Lauren, after a few seconds.

One out of four (Two out of five if he counted the one he had set); better than expected. Lauren was the smartest of the bunch, this shouldn't have been that much of a surprise, "Great job girl, now let's head-"

"Try!" that was his Shiftry, Hazel.

Two out of four, he wondered why did he even doubt of Hazel, "Alright, well done Hazel. Now let's head back for-"

"Gon..." the voice of his Flygon came through, sounding nervous at least, along with several other voices in the background.

"Tina? What's wrong? You OK?" Axel was getting nervous now, "Tina... Head back for now... Tyler, go up. Try to spot Tina and help her if necessary."

"Swellow!" Tyler's voice replied over the speaker.

"Lauren, Hazel, we're done for now, let's go back and-"

"Gon!" the Flygon cried in fear as the voices in the back grew louder.

"Tina!!! Get out of there!!! Tyler! Hurry up!" Axel shouted into the speaker. Suddenly, the voices he had heard on the speaker sounded not too far from him. Taking out his headset he reached his hand for Tina's Pokeball and hurried into the direction of the voices.

Suddenly, he heard the branches above him rattle. He looked up to see his Shiftry running on top of the branches into the same direction, "Hazel! Do you see her?"

The Shiftry jumped down before nodding. Suddenly, she came to a stop and turned around.

Axel stopped as well, "Hazel? What's wrong?"

The Shiftry pointed an arm. Axel the noticed the Lanturn dragging herself over the ground quite rapidly considering her kind wasn't made for land-dwelling.

It was impressive; however, it still wasn't fast enough. The trainer reached for a Pokeball, "Amazing. Still, you may be better off if I take you."

Lauren nodded nervously before she was returned. The trainer and the Shiftry turned around and continued their way, picking up the pace to a sprint.

The voices seemed to grow in number the closer they got. Twenty, thirty, forty... He honestly stopped counting after fifty; all that he knew was that he had to get his Flygon to safety, and every second that passed the chances of doing so grew more slim.

Despite having prepared mentally for the worst, by the time they reached the clearing they still had a hard time believing what they found: Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Rhydon, Ryhorn, Onix, Tyranytar, Excadrill and several other Rock and Ground types, at least a hundred of them, none of them pleased, surrounding his Flygon and Swellow. Rocks were flying everywhere, they couldn't fly away.

The Swellow used Steel Wing after Steel Wing left and right while the Flygon used her Dragonbreath repeatedly in order to keep some distance. They were stronger than the wild Pokemon but they were clearly outnumbered; they could only buy some time by doing this.

Axel remained in shock, overwhelmed by the sight for a moment until the Shiftry shook him out of it. The trainer took in a deep breath as he released his Lanturn. The attention of the group turned on the three them rapidly. "Lauren! Clear a path!"

The Lanturn nodded and a wave of water came crashing down over several wild Rock and Ground types, washing them away and clearing an opening to Tina and Tyler.

Several Golem and Graveler that had avoided the Surf tried closing in, but they were held back by Hazel's glowing elbow leaves back and forth and not before long fell down to the Giga Drain.

"Tina! Come on! Dig!" the trainer called his Pokemon. Despite Lauren and Hazel's efforts the path was starting to close.

Tina nodded and flew straight into the ground, her claws glowing, as she dug her way to Axel along the surface, pushing back some wild Pokemon and digging a trench for Tyler to cross at the same time.

Seeing his way, the Swellow used Steel Wing one more time and dived through the trench, repelling any Rock and Ground types that grew too close for comfort.

Or so it seemed for a moment.

Nobody saw the Excadrill coming from underneath the ground. Nobody expected for it to take hold of the Swellow's leg, causing him to lose control and fly straight into a Ryhorn.

"Tyler!!!" Axel screamed in horror as the horde fell onto the Swellow, out cold by the impact. He didn't even notice the Graveler coming right at him.

Luckily, Lauren did. A jet of water passed dangerously close to the trainer's head and straight into the Graveler, who fell unconcious at once.

One out of many, they still had no chance of beating them. A hard truth was shoved into Axel's head: there were too many wild Pokemon around the Swellow to recall him with his Pokeball and to go head on against the horde was suicide, there was nothing he could do to save him.

Axel dodged a leaping Geodude and shook this thought out of his mind. He couldn't just abandon Tyler, not without a fight, there had to be a way.

However, before that way came to him he saw a mysterious glow around his Shiftry. Suddenly she jumped straight into the horde, leaves drawn for a Razor Wind.

The blades of wind hit three or four Rock types, taking them out at once. That wasn't a good move against Rock types but apparently they were weaker than Axel's Pokemon. Still, three or four didn't make much of a difference, two Tyranitars and a Golem lunged for the Shiftry.

Axel watched in astonishment as the Shiftry dodged blow after blow with incredible ease and countered them, moving at a speed that didn't seem natural. Then he recognized the glow "(Extrasensory? She's using it on herself?!)," the trainer's eyes stared wide open.

The green flames of a Dragonbreath blocked his sight of her for a moment and it was only until then that he saw the fallen Geodude dangerously close to him that he realized he had spaced out, "Woah, close call. Thanks girl," he turned over to Tina.

The Flygon was panting heavily and when a Ryhorn jumped straight at her only a puff of green smoke came out instead of a Dragonbreath. The Ryhorn fell on top of her and it was only after a jet of water blasted him away that she could stand back up, her legs trembling in exhaustion.

The Lanturn on the other hand had been surrounded after that last attack on the Ryhorn. Furious, the Flygon charged head first straight through, knocking some wild Gravelers aside and buying Lauren enough time to summon another wave of water.

"Tina! Hang on!" the trainer yelled as he saw the Flygon finally collapse onto the floor and returned her to her Pokeball.

Now it was down to Lauren and... Hazel! Where had she gone?

He looked around and spotted her next to a Golem, but her figure disappeared as soon as she took a hit. He spotted her again dodging an Excadrill, but when a flying rock hit her she vanished once more. He saw her in four more places at once next to a Ryhorn, an Excadrill, an Onix and-

The Ryhorn one! She took a hit from behind and didn't vanish; it wasn't a Double Team copy. He spotted the Swellow right at her feet, she was keeping the horde away from him.

"Lauren!" he called the Lanturn as he headed over to Hazel.

The Shiftry slashed away a Graveler before turning her head at the trainer and pointing an arm. "Shiftry!" she signaled him to stop.

Axel was taken back, but then realized something: she seemed to be fighting her way out of the horde, slowly dragging the Swellow with her.

He on the other hand only had Lauren with him now: she could take out the wild Pokemon easily with her type advantage but it was mostly defensive, she couldn't move that much without risking being hit; if they tried following Hazel they would slow her down.

The Shiftry kept on signaling them to go as she slashed left and right, keeping the fight away from the Swellow as much as possible.

She had a point: the constant fight was starting to take a toll on Lauren, the water currents were getting significantly weaker with each blow as she tried keeping the wild Pokemon away from him; they couldn't remain there.

"I'm not leaving you! You hear me?! I'll go get some help! I will come back for you! OK?!" Axel's voice nearly broke as he saw the Shiftry nod back at him in understanding. He took one last glimpse, returned Lauren and ran, faster than he knew he could.


Lin slowly opened her eyes and spotted the Growlithe biting down hard on a piece of meat.

The Linoone couldn't help but smile at the sight: For most captured Pokemon the wild in them seemed to disappear by the end of the first week. She had seen it happen for most members of her team and even for other trainers' Pokemon. In her case, the wild had gone completely the moment her master laid his hand over her head.

However, the wild on this Growlithe hadn't gone even after almost a month after having been captured: she saw it in the way he ate, the way he slept, the way he played, the way he walked. He wasn't even aware of it but the wild seemed to cling on to him, refusing to die despite having taken the domestic life completely.

Every now and then, even while playing with their master, Lin would see him stand still, tense up, sniff the air and listen around carefully, as if on the lookout of a predator. He would also sometimes growl in his sleep or instinctively bare his fangs when approached by surprise. The cub didn't seem to be aware of these gestures and his face filled with shame whenever Lin mentioned them to him.

Food was another issue: Standard Pokemon food or berries had never made it for him. They seemed to fill his stomach, but never leave him truly satisfied. The Growlithe craved for real meat. He never said it, but Lin could tell just by looking.

"Oh, Lin, you're awake," the Growlithe smiled, the meat in his mouth falling to the floor.

"Yeah... Morning Robbie," she yawned back as she stretched her paws. She mentally sighed in disappointment: master had asked her early that morning to stay and watch over the slumbering Growlithe. She had dozed off in the job.

She should have seen it coming: Robbie had rolled in his sleep and laid his head against her like a pillow. She didn't dare to move and wake him up whenever this happened and most of the times it was her dozing off off before him waking up.

Apparently, the later had happened without her even noticing. Much to her luck Robbie had behaved: there didn't seem to be anything broken, missing, out of place, chewed or...

"Wait! Robbie, where did you get that?" the Linoone asked as once.

"Whut?" the Growlithe answered through a full mouth before swallowing. "Oh, the meat? Don't worry, it's OK, it wasn't in a box or anything, this one was on a bowl," he responded proudly. He had learned the rule: if food wasn't on a bowl he wasn't supposed to have it.

"OK, but was this bowl on the floor or a high place where you weren't supposed to reach it?" the Linoone remarked that last part.

"It was... On top of the... Table..." Robbie slowly stopped chewing, his eyes opening widely. His appetite was suddenly gone, "That's it! I'm really going to hear it out from master this time," he sighed as his ears drooped down sadly, knowing what was to come.

The Linoone looked down sadly as well. She understood the Growlithe's fear: as kind as he usually was, Axel could be quite harsh when scolding them. It never reached to physical pain but words and looks could sometimes hurt more than the strongest foe when they were given by someone as close as their master.

Lin placed a paw to his back and stroke it soothingly, "Hey, I'm proud of you. You're facing the consequences instead of trying to hide what you did or-"

Robbie's ears perked up at the mention of this, "Hiding it? Lin! You're a genius! Quick! Let me..." as soon as he looked up and saw the serious look on the Linoone's face the words trailed off. "I mean... No, that won't work. I'll just let master find out," his head sunk once more, realizing Lin wasn't on his side this time.

Lin's look saddened at once. For a moment she was tempted to help him hide it if by doing so she would save him some pain, but she had to shake those thoughts off her mind, this was for his own good.

Her eyes fell onto the egg on the far corner of the room. It was already hard to be firm with Robbie sometimes, how much harder would it be to do so with her own son or daughter?

The buzzing of the elevator running broke her train of thought: their master was coming down.

"Oh here it comes," Robbie cringed at the thought as the elevator came closer and closer.

Almost instinctively, Lin stood between the door and the Growlithe.  "Hey, I was supposed to keep an eye on you so it's not all your fault, I'll take part of the blame," she said as calm and reassuring as possible as she lied down right next to him.

The lift stopped and the Growlithe shuddered, bracing himself for what was to come, letting out a small whimper.

However, when Axel came out he didn't even seem to notice the meat on the floor. He simply hurried over to the storage and desperately rummaged through it, his hands shaky as he pulled out several medicine bottles. "She'll make it through, she knows Giga Drain, she can recover, she'll make it through..." he panted heavily as he whispered this over and over to himself.

He reached for a Pokeball, released his Flygon and sprayed a bottle of Potion on her. Tina's wounds seemed to heal at once, but the look of fatigue on her face didn't go away.

Lin was confused, her master kept muttering about Giga Drain and "making it through" but had only healed Tina, and didn't even let Hazel, who was the one who knew Giga Drain, out; something was definitely wrong here.

The trainer silently cursed before picking up his Pokenav. After several seconds of frantically fiddling with it he furiously threw it back into the table. "No signal! Of course! We're on Sinnoh you dumbass!" he cursed into the air as he buried his face into his palm.

It didn't take a genius to notice something was out of place. Robbie suddenly was more worried about something he didn't know than about the meat he had taken without permission.

"We need to get some help," Axel muttered to himself, the frustration on his face suddenly gone and replaced with worry.

He returned Tina, reached over for two Pokeballs on the table and headed over to Lin and Robbie, "Hearthome City is not far from here, we have to get there as fast as we can. Lin, can you keep wild Pokemon away from me?"

This was a strange request, if he had to get there fast why didn't he ask Tyler to fly him there? It was only after she saw two out of four Pokeballs on his belt empty that Lin felt her heart sink as it dawned on her: they were missing.

She nodded at once and after having returned Robbie they headed for the lift.

The way up felt like an eternity.


Erin Winters gave a pat to his Charizard though it seemed unnecessary: with a swift movement the Fire type began to descend on force of habit. A few seconds later trainer and Pokemon stood at the back entrance of Hearthome Gym.

She climbed out of his back and turned over to him. "Well done Charmin. Who's a a good boy huh? Who's a good boy?" it didn't occur to her until then that baby-talking to his Charizard or nuzzling his head in public didn't exactly gave her the inage of a strong Gym Leader.

She cleared her throat and took a serious expression, "OK, well done Charmin, now go get some rest," she said before giving him a slight pat in the head.

Charmin nodded and turned around. It didn't surprise her that he didn't take flight, they had flown around town all morning and she knew her Charizard since he was a Charmander; she could tell when he was tired even when he tried to hide it.

Then again, she hadn't done the flying and she felt drained herself. She sighed deeply as she made her way inside the Gym.

A mass migration of Ground and Rock type Pokemon was passing near the outskirts of Hearthome City and it was the local Gym Leader's duty to make sure every safety measure was being taken to make sure no local resident was harmed by the aggressive wild Pokemon, or at least to reduce the number.

Given that Fantina, the local Gym Leader, was away that responsibility had fallen on Erin, who apparently was the surrogate Gym Leader. It wasn't an official denomination but Fantina had a tendency to leave her in charge every time she went away, and that had start to become usual.

Truth be told, she wasn't doing that much: some environmental groups had volunteered to the mass migration cause and the community response had been overwhelmingly positive.

And so, the evacuation of nearby areas, the barricading of danger zones, the public awareness programs and the set up of temporary residential zones (Which much to her surprise ended up being the spare rooms of some local hotels, volunteered by the owners themselves) had been done without her really doing anything other than organizing several groups to the tasks and occasionally checking up on them to make sure things were being done.

Being honest, as she tumbled into her bed at the Gym's living quarters she couldn't help but think everyone was being unusually supportive to her as a leader despite no one even knowing her. Also, she had this sinking feeling that she was more tired than she should have been considering she had done no real physical work. Then again, she wasn't that fond of managing large groups of people. She had always dreamt of being a Gym Leader, but whenever she did it wasn't exactly this that came to her mind. Part of her even wondered if she was even fit for this.

Suddenly, Erin heard the main doors of the Gym open. Strange, the brigades usually came through the back door if she was needed; this had to be a challenger.

As she stood up she realized she was tired but her body wasn't. It was unusual to have challengers during this season but it was a welcome change of pace, this was the part of being the Gym Leader she liked.

Grinning, she headed over to the entrance as calm and fast as she could, going over the so-rehearsed lines Fantina had given her to greet the challengers in her mind.

She didn't expect to find the young man at the brink of exhaustion, breathing harshly as he leaned on one of the entrance statues to keep his balance, a Linoone dropped on the floor along him.
Intruders - Part 1
Happy (Incredibly late) Birthday Cattensu!!! :happybounce:

For those of you who are scratching your heads over who the heck is this, she's a good friend of mine and *Dramatic pause* an artist! And a good one I gotta say: give her something with animals, dragons or any sort of creatures and she can really bring life into them. I originally found her through a Pokemon Request but then I found out she also did Digimon, Okami, Spyro, How To Train Your Dragon and a bunch of other things so I was impressed; and she has improved a lot since then. Bonus points: She can really do backgrounds; some people take the for granted but in her case they're noticeable.

Here we see Team Axel Vs Rock/Ground type Migration . As for why is Axel on Sinnoh or why was he planting those things it will be explained in the next chapter. We also get to see Robbie getting used to domestic life (Finally an excuse to have him on a story :D).

Also, we get to see Erin, finally a (Surrogate) Gym Leader, struggling with her new-found responsibilities; being a Gym Leader can be overburdening, specially when she doesn't have the title.

Just noticed this chapter has very little of Erin compared to Axel. Not the intention, I set it clear: Erin IS the main character, you'll see next chapter.

Thank you so much for reading this far. Comments are mostly appreciated.

Erin and Charmin belong to :iconcattensu:.
Axel, Hazel, Lauren, Tyler, Tina, Lin and Robbie belong to :iconaxel230:.
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/GameFreak.
Vincent Joins Super Smash Brothers by Axel230
Vincent Joins Super Smash Brothers
Now part of the special "Random Doom" DLC pack with new characters and stages for only $99.99. Available soon for Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS and WiiU.

After having done my template for fake Smash newcomers of course I had to try it with Vincent :iconvincentlaplz:.

Free cookie for the one who guesses where this picture of Vincent came from :D.

Vincent belongs to :icontamarinfrog:
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/GameFreak
Super Smash brothers belongs to Ninendo

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